Change existed ever and everywhere. But, its speed is so high today in every sector, that we need sector specific customized programs focusing desired changes in attitude and behavior for aligning mindsets with upcoming technologies amid commercial acumen. Such interventions can bring reforms in changing business environment due to changes in life styles, commercialization in every walk of life, customer needs, legislation, eco-needs, global requirements and many more.

“Power Theft” is a case in which technological innovations compete on both the sides, sensing corruption as-well- as tampering. Integrating the technological interventions with change of mindset can alone lead us to a solution.
Man-made threatening Green House is a burning example where Human mindset has to integrate internationally for a safer common future, going beyond the mere arithmetic’s of carbon credits, not depending on technological solutions alone.
Today business, society and environment are so closely connected that organizations can afford overnight Technological replacements whereas they do not find any suitable means to replace the people required to operate that technology which leads to one and only one solution of developing people to act as change agents in meeting the organizational, business and societal needs.
So, we intend to orient mindsets of human beings hand-in- hand with technological inputs for human excellence in professional endeavors for synchronizing business environment in tune with the national need of development by integrating 3-orbits of Intellectual inputs, emotional intelligence and spiritual consciousness without which we are unable to provide good governance, make organization a happy place to work and create a sensitive world with sustainable environment capable of keeping the earth intact for long.

Our first chairman, Dr. B.S.K. Naidu considered the 3-orbits integration so vivacious that its framework was conceptualized with establishment of Institute Integrating Mindset and Technology” (IIMT) at Surat – a Diamond and Textile city having annualized GDP growth rate of nearly 10 percent consistently for decades. Surat is likely to be the world’s fastest growing Global City. So, need for "Managers of difference with Integrated Mindsets", exists prominently in Surat which falls on the route of upcoming Bullet Train in India. 

"Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in Man"

                                                                            -Swami Vivekanand

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